Friday, October 23, 2009

Eastlake Haunted House!

Some Halloween spirits have come to haunt our home!
They seem to have a taste for Eastlake Victorian things... go figure!

A skull took up residence among our relatives!

Jack Skellington was found hanging out in the gravy boat!

A scary rat was caught red-handed near the teacups!

A frightened black cat perched atop the clock!

Crows have alighted upon our chandelier!

A severed hand crawled across the platform rocker!

A Jack-O'-Lantern has found a comfy spot on the sideboard!

A werewolf came to check out our cherub lamp!

A slimy green ghoul found its way into the sugar bowl!

I hope these frightening beings leave our house once Halloween is over...
I wouldn't want them hanging around for Thanksgiving!


Teresa said...

These photos are beautiful! I can't believe THE Jack Skellington came to visit! Wow! Hopefully he leaves by Christmas, he seems to have a fascination for it- you might have a hard time getting rid of him then!

The Victorian Parlor said...

I love it!!! There is nothing more perfect for a ghoulish setting than a Victorian house! Everything looks positively spooooky!



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